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Work hard, have fun. That was our motto for almost a decade in the coolie and Koozie (R) business. Our USA family business worked hard to provide top quality products with the best customer service. We were able to work with our customers and provide them with coolies, Koozies (R), and more to celebrate their big life events, from engagements parties to weddings to baby showers; graduations, new businesses opening, birthday parties, new homes; from a first gig to concerts our customers became a part of our family!

But just like many of you, 2020 changed everything. At first, the events, and social gatherings stopped and in an effort to keep on our team, we got creative and started making masks.

Little by little things started getting back to normal, but we no longer had access to the same blank coolies we had before. Like many industries supply chains were shifting and the small family business were the ones losing out. So that is when it hit us, why doesn't our small family business help other small businesses in the print industry? That is when Blank Coolies USA was born. As a small printer, we understand how small printers work and are happy to help your company grow. Whether you like to embroider to paint coolies as a hobby or have a new printing startup just getting started, we are here to get you top-quality blank coolies quickly with the best service possible!

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